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3 Water Activities To Try In Hilton Head

January 24, 2019

There’s nothing like a relaxing day at the beach, but the best beach vacations also incorporate activities aside from swimming, sand castle making, and lounging in the sun.

If you’re visiting Hilton Head, there’s a whole world of water sports to tap into during your vacation. Enjoy the 12 miles of sprawling coastline by doing more than just sitting on it!

Check out these featured water activities to try the next time you’re in Hilton Head.

1. Stand Up Paddleboarding

Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP) are some of the best ways to stay active on the water. You can rent gear from a number of places in the area and you can even book a guided SUP tour. SUPs are relatively easy to maneuver, and they allow you to travel to more secluded coves and see wildlife up close and personal.

2. Creek Cat Tours

If you’ve never heard of a “creek cat,” it’s essentially a mini boat that fits one or two people. Unlike bigger motor boats which might not be able to access secluded or shallow channels, creek cats can navigate easily around the waterways of Hilton Head.

During a creek cat tour, you can access marshes, areas full of sea wildlife, and more secluded parts of the ocean. Plus, your creek cat can reach about 30 miles per hour, so it’s a fun and zippy way to cruise around.

3. Kayaking Tours
Kayaking is one of Hilton Head’s favorite activities, and for good reason. On a kayak, you have a chance to see bottlenose dolphins, herons, egrets, and other marine creatures. It’s one thing to see these animals from a boat, and it’s another entirely to paddle around the ecosystem.

You can book a kayaking tour at a number of locations throughout the island, or you could just rent kayaks and go on your own adventure. Most kayak locations also have creek cats, stand up paddle boards, and other equipment available.

If you’re in Hilton Head, be sure to take advantage of the island’s amazing access to marshlands and coastal wildlife.

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