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Activities For Kids In Hilton Head

January 24, 2019

In general, a beach vacation is a family-friendly vacation. After all, kids can play at the beach to their heart’s content, boogie boarding, building sand castles, and jumping waves.

But what about those rainy days or sunburn-recovery times? It pays to have a few alternative plans for a family vacation in Hilton Head. Check out these recommended activities, and put them on your radar as you plan your vacation.

1. Visit The Coastal Discovery Museum

This museum is interactive, experiential, and truly entertaining. The museum features scavenger hunts, staff members in costume, and even a free butterfly exhibit. There are guided tours available, though that’s an extra charge ($10 for adults and $5 for kids).

For a rainy day or a day needed away from the beach, the Coastal Discovery Museum is a convenient and worthwhile choice.

2. Check Out The Lighthouse

Like most beach towns, Hilton Head boasts an iconic lighthouse. The lighthouse in Hilton Head is open to visitors, and it’s a relatively easy climb up to the top. The lighthouse visit won’t take all day, but you can check out the nearby Harbour Town to grab a bite to eat or go shopping after the visit.

3. Walk The Boardwalk

The Driessen Beach boardwalk in Hilton Head isn’t covered with arcades, ice cream shops, and tacky t-shirt booths. It’s an actual wooden boardwalk that stretches through tidal marshland, sand dunes, and interesting coastal landscape.

Your kids can collect shells, keep an eye out for birds, and generally explore this beautiful ecosystem.

4. Eat At The Harbour Town Grill
The Harbour Town Grill has a great kids menu, but it also creates a family-friendly atmosphere that you won’t find at every place in Hilton Head. Most nights of the week, a singer leads a sing-along and even asks children to sing on stage with him.

At the end of the day, Hilton Head’s 12 miles of beaches are usually entertainment enough for young visitors. For those days where you’re craving something different, Hilton Head offers no shortage of activities for children of all ages.

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