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Reasons To Visit Hilton Head In The Winter

January 23, 2019
Hilton Head might be known as a mecca for golf, the beach, and all things summer, but winter might be one of Hilton Head’s best-kept secrets.

This winter, consider these reasons to vacation at Hilton Head.
1. The Beaches Are Still Open

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean that Hilton Head shuts down. In fact, Hilton Head’s average temperature throughout January is still a balmy 60 degrees. The beach town has 12 miles of open shores for surfing, flying kites, and lounging by the sea. 

If you were to visit Hilton Head in the middle of July, all 12 of these miles would be filled to the brim with vacationing families. In the winter, however, you can choose whichever piece of paradise you’d like.

2. The Biking Is Amazing

Hilton Head is to biking as Venice Beach is to fitness. More temperate winter weather means that biking the 60 miles of public trails in Hilton Head is a lot more comfortable.

Plus, it’s easier to rent bikes during this time of year since you won’t be competing against the summertime crowds.

Pack a picnic, take a leisurely bike ride, and happen across the beautiful beaches of Hilton Head.

3. Restaurants Take Reservations

Instead of waiting for hours to get a table at The Jazz Corner over the summer, wintertime means easy access to Hilton Head’s best restaurants. Fewer lines, easier parking, and the same access to great restaurants make winter in Hilton Head a foodie’s dream

It’s generally impossible to make reservations in the summertime at these popular places, but most restaurants will accept reservations in the off-season months.

4. The Shopping Is Affordable
Hilton Head is home to some world-class outlets and shopping, if that’s more your speed than golf and tennis. During the off-season months, you can take advantage of post-holiday deals on furniture, clothing, and just about anything else you could want.

If you want access to sand beaches, top-rated golf courses, and premier tennis clubs, Hilton Head, South Carolina is the place for you. If you want all of this with about 90 percent fewer people, winter is the time to visit Hilton Head.

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